About Me

Fashion Influencer Jewelry Designer

GOLD, fashion, style, and love....

In love with fashion and design for as long as I remember. I was raised in San Diego, California until age 13, then my father moved us to Mexico City. Growing up I saw my mother passionate about her clothing and jewelry, my father a business man who wore a suit and tie every single day, and my sister an interior designer at heart and fashionista as well. Luxury, glamour, and style were around me at all times. When a toddler and child, we would fly on my father's airplane and would enjoy dangerous turbulence like if were a roller coaster. My life has always been about adventure and looking good while at it, whether a favorite bikini if at the beach, or whatever the outfit best suited the occasion or moment. I lived in Paris and studied French at La Sorbonne, cooking at Cordon Blue, and spent all my free time loving the museums, architecture, fashion, and wine. Part of my heart is still there. I loved living in Israel as well. Such a rich culture, and people full of life. Fashion inspirations are everywhere in this fabulous country too. 

I now live in Orange County, California. Love my family, going out, and looking for the perfect look to suit the adventure the day brings. Jewelry is another passion of mine. I am currently designing and falling in love everyday more with gold. I guess our lives have a destiny, and it all is a preperation for whatever our future holds.  I always enjoyed playing with my mother's jewelry for hours, then I would put it all back in a very oraganized way, after convincing her to give me something I "needed". I can also remember fixing my friend's closets and making outfits for them. I would be the go to person for fashion advice. So all my life has led me to where I am now, and am excited to what the future may hold. 

A funny thing about me... You won't see me in sandals until March 20. I feel that if I dress out of season, the fashion police should take and ticket me. Same with the weeks before it's officially fall; I wait for the official day to wear the season pieces. So now it is a transition state and can't wait for Spring to begin to take out all the light fabrics, florals, and sandals. Now if I am vacationing somewhere, those rules do not apply, the travel destination sets the rules. :)

I hope you enjoy my story, and get inspired by my style which I feel is very diverse and original. Feel free to contact me for any design needs, be it fashion, jewelry, I even have great tips on natural beauty products. I only use things on my face and body that you can eat. :) I will post some here and there. 

I forgot a very special detail, growing up I saw my mother design and create jewelry. She was a jewelry designer and taught me a lot of things. I still have some designs I made at about age 7 and the years following. Throughout my life there have been many experiences that are like puzzle pieces fitting exactly in their space. I love it. 


I think about the future, influenced by the past, feel passionate about every piece.
A combination of everything, it is new, yet timeless.