Currently wearing LW Dresses, and here are my recommendations.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope summer has treated you with a lot of love and adventurous moments, or relaxing ones if you prefer. ;) So far i’m enjoying, and I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions from my clients and friends, and let’s not forget social media connections, about my summer fashion must haves. If I have to choose one for this month, my go to look is a white dress. Not just any white dress of course, but look no further and enjoy my lookbooks of Leu’s approved LW dresses.

Click the photo of the dress you like, it will send you directly to the shop I found it in. :)

These dresses are awesome, I’ve been wearing them with sandals and have worn them with boots like these. Plus, they are awesome for the Fall/Winter looks I have in mind that will work for you too, these boots have amazing possibilities in the horizon. I actually can’t wait for next season. Don’t be afraid to wear a white dress, black coat, and boots. I have done it and get so many compliments!

Boots under $200.00

Boots $200.00 and over

Under $100.00 dresses

Under $200.00

And gorgeous ones over $250.00

I hope you enjoyed this weeks recommendations. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Happy week everyone!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

Hello my lovelies,

I like Nordstrom’s anniversary sale because you are getting a deal on a new, next season item, which will cost more after you purchase it. I am sharing with you today what I found awesome, classic, and will combine great with what you already own.

Click through all the photos before going through. I love all what I am sharing and will purchase a few for me too.

First lookbook is a shoe collection for what I’d say is a perfect mix of good shoes for next season.

Next, easy combinable pieces:

Lastly, this brand is one of my faves. Also, click and see the 4th recommendation, its a beauty product which I think is great!

Only 4 more days! Saturday the 4th is the last. I hope you enjoy, happy shopping, & get dressed in style!



Hello Spring

Dear lovely fashionistas,

Thank you for being here, especially on an important day such as the first day of Spring. Wardrobe editing is crucial for embracing the new season in style. All woolens, furs (faux), and heavy fabrics must be stored or moved to a different closet. I am so thankful for the additional closet I have where I organize and store the off season pieces after being cleaned and folded or packed neatly and appropriately. That said, It is important to throw a few cotton balls dipped in lavender or sachets filled with dry lavender to repell moths. Lavender smells wonderful to us but highly repellent to moths, so it’s a great way to protect your clothes.  You have other options if you prefer.

Organizing your closet by type, length, and color is very helpful and makes getting dressed enjoyable and easy. I will dedicate the next post to this subject and show a few photos of my wardrobe. Yay! It was organized last weekend, so I’m ready for inspiring looks.

As for my recommendations, I am a firm believer in collecting beautiful skirts, well beautiful pieces which bring you joy, and make you feel good. Skirts are awesome because they can be worn casual or sophisticated depending on how you pair them, and are so easy and effortlessly styled to create many looks. Same with dresses, but the skirt is more versatile. You need both by the way, and for a casual look, the sneaker trend gives us miles of enjoyment in comfort. Keep your boots in your closet, they will be great for transitioning with skirts and romantic dresses. Love the juxtaposition of feminine and rugged.

Here some boots and sneakers that I love:

If I went shopping online today, these are the skirts I would order. I would also order all the Gucci ones, but we’ll leave that for another day. :) When I find a skirt I love, I usually don’t think about it and add it to my collection, I am a bit picky, so coming across favorites is not so easy. As for the tie dye trend, I’d say go for it, but if you are like me, there are subtle ways you can wear it on a print that doesn't scream trend! You can view a few I found on the lookbook below, which when you see a skirt you like, click on it, and it will redirect you to the store where you can purchase it. Make sure you look at them all before choosing.

Here are a few dresses too! I like ones you can have in you closet for a long time and wear them again and again. Some can be for all seasons. Some are warm weather only. Take a look! I will post more dresses in a future post. But for this week, I recommend these. I’m excited with white dresses. I’m just bought one and I’m loving it, wore it with black leggings, dr. Martens, and a trench, it was chilly. Click on the ones you like. :)

Last but not least, a client of mine asked if I had any products I’d recommend for glowy skin. Yes! I do have one, and I’m loving it. I believe it lightened a spot I had and leaves my skin soft and glowing. Affordable (22.98) and effective may I confidently say, click through to purchase if you’d like.

Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers, salud, lechaim, à votre santé!



Hello March....

Dear lovely people,

I am on a constant hunt for the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe collection. Yes, it takes a lifetime to assemble and seeking the most striking and notable pieces is an exciting challenge to have. But for those who aren’t thinking about Fashion, following my recommendations can help. It’s a mix of eye-catching designs, and well constructed classics.

My inspiration comes from within or around my collection. You want pieces that can be worn in different ways. When you shop, yes, first there has to be a love for it, but then ask yourself, “Will I be able to incorporate this with other pieces I own?” Every piece has a story, a statement, and purpose that will bring life to other pieces in your closet.

So my suggestions for this week have the sole purpose of adding coolness to your collection. That means getting dressed is that much funner and easier. I’ll help you combine them, if you need help. Please feel free to email me or schedule a consultation for a style makeover, or better yet, a wardrobe editing session. That’s where I like to begin. (OC, California)

First, if you don’t own one, a leather jacket has that Parisian street style vibe. Looks amazing with almost everything and I can comfortably say it will not go out of style and if it does, it always comes back. It’s one of those classics that will make a dress feel cool, jeans with sneakers feel chic, and elegant trousers flattering with a balance of sophistication and style, and everything in between. :)

Here are my picks for leather jackets this week:

(Click on the jacket you like, you will be redirected where you can make the purchase.)

Now that you have an awesome jacket, you need dresses and skirts to pair it with. Keep in mind, these will be great with a black blazer too! Cardigan anyone? Yes, that works too. If you want to have fun, you can add color, texture, ok, I cannot stop visualizing creative options, back to the leather jacket look.

  • FYI - Mixing prints is so fun now. I’ve been doing it for a while, and yes, people thought I was a bit crazy, but…. Now it’s all over the runways, so there is validation I guess, if you need it. It’s about having fun and proportions. I can dedicate a future post on this fun style. In the meantime, if you feel good in it, it looks meant to be. And if you’re my client, be confident! Because if you don’t look good, I don’t look good. Lol! Had to say that, a commercial from centuries ago popped in my head with similar wording. Lol


(Click through these photos to be redirected)


(Click through these photos to be redirected)

Last but not least, I had to add this bag. I am In love with it, grey would look amazing with all the floral dresses and is cooperating with both gold and silver looks, and the black, a classic.

That’s all for now. Wishing everyone good times and stylish outings! Cheers to a fabulous weekend!



Don’t forget to take a look at my daily outfits for inspiration by clicking here:

February Thoughts.....

Hello Lovely People,

I am happy you are here because it means you are interested in Fashion & Design and it just makes me smile when people feel and look good.

I am so happy to have introduced a new T-shirt line. I designed Tees for a while a few years ago, and always missed my designs, so I decided to pick up where I left off. So many things inspire me, you can see through my photos, and now putting it down on t-shirts makes me smile.

I am loving everything in fashion now. What feels good on you, is what looks good. There are no rules, it’s all about being original, different, confident, that is how I see it.

For now I want to recommend a few pieces of clothing that would be a great addition to your wardrobe collection.

To begin with, I want to say…. run! Buy these leggings before they sell out. I wasn’t sure if to buy them, but let me tell you I’ve worn them more that any other pant in the last couple weeks. Yes, they are velvet (Fall/Winter) but you still have a few weeks and… you should save them for when the weather becomes chilly again towards the end of the year. And of coarse if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, well, they are just what you need, and I promise, you will want to wear them a lot. They look great with a Tee and long blazer, coat, under a short dress, or long one. They are super soft, comfortable, warm, and look great on. Here they are:

Click on the second pic (white booties) to purchase ! 

Second, for those who know me, I have a huge love for outerwear. It is the icing on the cake, the sprinkles on the ice-cream, the cherry on top. Sounds like I’m talking about jewelry, although, I think the same of it and even more, (take a look at my fine jewelry designs) for now let me guide you through a few of my favorites. Jackets, coats, blazers, etc., have the power to complete an outfit like no other, in my opinion. Since a little girl, I had to have the cardigan to wear, tie around my neck or waist, if not on me, and it just made me feel done. So I still feel the same way and I work on expanding my outerwear collection on a constant never ending basis.

Here are my recommendations for now that can join your fashion journey through spring and chilly summer nights. Ofcoarse they would look amazing over one of my t-shirts. :) So don’t forget to check them out! (New designs will be added soon).

Feel free to email me for a consultation, if you are in Orange County, and need a wardrobe stylist, Id be happy to work with you!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend with lovely moments and good times,



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Blazers For You


I hope you enjoy these blazers I picked for you. Some I have, own something similar, or in need of. Compliments are plenty when I wear them, and if you want, you to get them too! Seriously, people appreciate a well coordinated look that consists of a blazer. You get a certain professional result, which can be personalized to suit your individuality. I love playing with contrasts, wearing them with jeans and sneakers, over floral dresses, etc. If you need inspiration, please visit my Instagram and follow my story. I’ve been wearing blazers and jackets forever, even during summer if its bearable.


Espero disfruten de los sacos que he escogido para ustedes. Algunos los tengo, algo similar, o necesito. En serio que amo un look que lleva un saco. Tiene un resultado profesional, clásico, que se amolda perfecto a tu personalidad, depende como lo coordines. Amo los contrastes, y un saco clásico con unos jeans, se ve increíble siempre. Igual un vestido o falda con estampado floreado, leopardo, o cualquier otro se puede ver super bien. Todo depende de tu estilo claro, pero no hay que tener miedo a probar nuevos looks. Si necesitan inspiración, síganme en Instagram que yo siempre llevo algún saco o chamarra puesto aunquesea verano, claro si el clima lo permite.

I love to hear from you! Please don’t doubt in contacting me if you need further advice. I am a stylist at heart and work as one when I’m not designing in Orange County and Los Angeles. So if you need help in the fashion department, and want to meet, I’m happy to help. I will be happy to answer messages as well. So, enjoy the selection and hope you find something that will make getting dressed that much more exciting. If you look good, you feel good, right? Yes

Me encanta que me manden mensajes y saber de ustedes. Porfa no la piensen en contactarme, soy estilista de corazón y es mi trabajo cuando no estoy diseñando. Puedo hacer citas en Los Angeles y Orange County. Y bueno, disfruten de la selección de la semana, al final hay varios en color negro que esencial, y los plaid que al momento son el furor y la verdad que nunca pasan de moda. Y….. recuerden, si se ven bien, se van a sentir lo máximo. verdad? Si ;)

Have a fabulous rest of the week,

Love you guys! Thank you for visiting a part of my creative world.



Transitioning into Fall with one brand....


it’s been a while since I last blogged. But I wanted to help a few of my lovely followers with these recommendations. I was in Europe this summer and brought back home amazing pieces that I thought I’d pass to you guys. Thanks for the messages requesting this info too! The best part is they are now on sale. Would you want a few pieces that would make you look and feel amazing? Today I am only sharing one brand that I am currently in love with. It is Sandro, a masculine-feminine equation, indisputable Parisian elegance, with amazing pieces that will be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe.

Feel free to send me a message, and for styling tips, please visit my Instagram:

I have a few of these pieces and let me tell you, I get tons of compliments, especially on the laced sleeves jacket. I love it and so does everyone around me. So versatile and a statement piece that is a classic with personality. Follow the links and enjoy!

in love with all this, and the dresses would look amazing with a black jacket, especially the laced one, or any leather, coat, or other blazer you may have. These pieces won’t last so if you like something don’t wait until it’s sold out!

Have a great weekend! Xx




Hello my lovelies!

It makes me smile when you guys contact me and share your concerns or requests, thank you! In this post I will share some of my shoe recommendations. These are a few of my favorite summer shoes from Nordstrom, and they are all on sale, so HELLO great deals! Besides from great prices, they are comfortable, and have great reviews! I like choosing shoes that will look great with many looks, won't bore me quickly, and will join my wardrobe collection for years to come. Take a look and follow the link for more info. 




Flats and Sneakers


You can always e-mail me for any specific questions, I'm always happy to connect with my followers!

I wish everyone a fabulous week full of awesome outfits! 


Spring Transition

Hello everyone,

It is the beginning of Spring! Flowers blooming, days getting warmer, and great outfit ideas to transition into this lovely season. First advice, take out your favorite t-shirts or buy one, two, or however many you'd like! What to wear them with? Well, my current obsession are maxi skirts or dresses. The more fabric, the more flowy, the better. Silks and most lightweight woven fabrics have a great hand and drape. They feel great on, and the movement, as you walk, is just so romantic and pretty. They can be worn from day to night, and will take you through Spring / Summer in a breeze. Now, I love many skirt shapes and silhouettes, but I will get into those in future posts. Let's focus on this one look that can be styled by you, putting together your unique pieces from your closet or shops. 

Options, options... My favorite way to wear these pieces is with a cool t-shirt tucked underneath. If it's a dress, letters peaking out underneath is very cool, especially with slip dresses. If wearing a skirt, I'd tuck it in, or at least half tuck, and you're good to go. I love vintage looking tees, or with writing on them. It gives the whole look a cool vibe and so easy to make your own unique look this way. I designed and printed tees a few years ago, it's mostly what I wear, wish I would have saved more. But I found a few that remind me of my favorites. To change the look a bit, let's say for evening, just change the tee for a lace one, plain color, or even better a sheer one under a dress! Or... if you prefer a button down, neatly fold/roll the sleeves up to show your bracelet stacks. 


This is a tee I love. I own a grey one with white letters, very similar, which I always want to wear. I highly recommend it, it acts as a neutral and just looks great with so many outfit combos. I'd wear this one peaking out from a slip dress, like the photo below. I am wearing a laced hem slip dress, that I currently wear with boots, specifically camel color, but for Spring vibes, I added a pop of yellow. 


Below acting as a neutral with a contrasting floral skirt. 


This white and red is perfect for so many outfits. Would look awesome with black and white print skirts, or plain black, or light blue. I can go on and on. But if you ever have a question, or are not sure if something combines, let me know and I'll help you out! You can post it here, at the bottom of this post. 




And....a little about beauty. I have been asked which are my favorite nail polishes, and I have to say, a brand that I always go back to, is Deborah Lippmann. Her nail polishes are non-toxic (free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, resin, camphor, xylene, and ethyl tosylamide). This means, it's better for you, remember, your body is your temple, your home, you have to take care of it, otherwise, where will you live? :)  Another cool fact about this brand is that the names of the polishes are inspired by popular song titles, how cool is that!

Its a neutral day! I just purchased a neutral palette that I am loving. Click on the bottom left for more info and pricing. Oh! I have to share the red I am currently in love with, I absolutely love the bright hue of love it has. It is a bright red with a tiny hint of orange, but its not orange, trust me, you will love it for now and the coming seasons. Just click on the nail polish below to see the color, pricing, and details. 

I wish everyone a fabulous weekend, thank you for visiting my blog. Very happy to be back, and don't forget to sign up to receive updates on posts and get notified when I have new jewelry designs on the shop. For those who don't know, I am a designer currently expressing my creativity through jewelry, so don't forget to visit my shop! :)





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Current obsession - Jeans

Hello Lovely People!

How is everyone? I'm happy to connect with you again! It's been a while since I last blogged, sometimes life gets so busy, we must follow our priorities, eventually life brought me back here, destiny shall I call it? So I am here to inspire you as much as I can, hopefully solve your fashion and beauty questions, and increase your confidence and excitement getting dressed, one tip at a time. 

So my current obsession is denim. Let's begin with jeans. So many awesome options out there. I am building my collection with 90s inspired cuts, embellishments, embroidery, rips, and unique details. They are easily styled and can go from day to night instantly. For weekend looks they are an awesome go to piece. Have fun with them, the more unique the better!

Try different options on, it is very different on your body than on the hanger. You might be surprised at how good you look in a super cool pair you weren't sure you'd like. Make sure the fit is comfortable and flattering. I am loving both fitted and loose. Now that brings me to another item I am loving, belts, they can do magic. :)

To see photos of how I styled them, visit and follow me on Instagram:

Oh! Currently in love with this nail polish! I absolutely love the bright hue of love it has. It is a bright red with a tiny hint of orange, but its not orange, trust me, you will love it for now and the coming seasons. Just click on the nail polish below to see the color, and if you want, purchase.

What better way to show off an amazing manicure than awesome jewelry? It will look great with a statement ring, and we are celebrating the month of love, you could show it off with one of these rings. Amour, love in French, and a heart surrounded by 4 diamonds. All 18K gold, available in silver as well. Click on the pictures for details. 

Happy Valentine's Day, happy LOVE month, Xx!


Stripes For A Perfect Summer Day

Hello and happy Friday!

I hope you are all enjoying summer. It sure is getting hot over here! I am excited because soon I will go to one of my favorite beach destinations, and have been very relaxed from all the pool days that surround a California lifestyle. 

This was an awesome day which involved my favorite people, fun waves, with a super hot sun. I want to share this look with you guys this week because I am in love with the dress. It is so versatile, simple, yet has an unforgettable design.

It all started here, Balboa Peninsula. Well, actually the fun started on Balboa Island where we took the Ferry, my car included, and arrived at this beautiful, quiet location. So in love with the view. If you haven't visited Orange County, I recommend you do. It has such lovely beaches, restaurants, shopping, you name it! 


This is a wrap dress as you can see, very lightweight fabric, perfect for these summer days. And the stripes, can I say I'm in love with how different this is. There are 3 different fabrics with different widths of stripes sewn together. I can't get enough striped pieces! Also, blue is my fave color, so... win win. :)

And here is the back view. Very flattering waistband that adds to the design. 


We made our way down to the beautiful beach. The waves were crazy, and yes I was prepared with a bikini underneath. I'm loving swimsuits under clothing as part of the outfit, or hidden, in case a dip in the water opportunity arrises. 


These are the sandals I wore with this look. Yes, I am still in love with studded anything, plus it's a contrast of hard and soft with the dress that I love. I feel the dress is flowy, romantic, and flirty, and the sandals have a cool rocker vibe that completes the outfit for me.

The view as we walked down to the beach.

I also am in love with red now, so this door just made me smile. You can also see the dress with the sandals, just realized I was barefoot most of the time. You can also see some sand on my legs which serve as decoration. :) Oh! I'm wearing my jewelry designs, will upload close-ups next week! If you are in need of 18K gold treasures, be sure to check my shop out!

So this is the end of my post this week. I hope everyone has a super lovely and fabulous weekend with much needed good times and relaxation moments. 



The Perfect Black Skirt & Giveaway Winners!

Hello loves and hello to another Friday,

I hope everyone had a fabulous week. It was a busy one for me, but when it's around fashion and jewelry, I'm all smiles. I've been excited, preparing the giveaway, and I'm happy to say I will be gifting 2 of my designs. Keep reading to find who the winners are!

Summer has arrived to California, (well, officially in 4 more days 😎). The sun is bright and warm, that means my closet is shifting and being reorganized. I am also adding some pieces that I am loving. 


I am very happy to introduce my new skirt which was welcomed into my collection recently. I was looking for the perfect black skirt and this was my favorite! It is perfect for the warm weather and the ruffle detail is so romantic.

I paired it with a floral crop top. It maintains the feminine feel and the off the shoulder makes it more interesting.

I have so many outfits planned for this skirt. I want to wear it with a white tank, tucked in t-shirt, and so many more options like a bodysuit, lace, oh the fun of getting dressed.

I love wearing it high on the waist, very feminine, and I am only exposing a line of skin which makes it a bit more conservative yet fun. 

The back is longer, and has lovely movement when I'm walking. You can't go wrong with ruffles and a playful hemline. 


I am wearing black flat sandals and my favorite of the moment RayBan glasses. This is a more casual way of combining it. The skirt has a lot of a date night potential, but different shoes and top will come into play.

And back to the giveaway.... And the winner for the gold bangle bracelet is............... drumroll........... @charlottelane77 Congrats! I hope you enjoy the bracelet and wear it all the time like I wear my bangles. You will be contacted via direct message in Instagram! Xx

One last photo of my outfit today. Hope you enjoyed my blog post. Oh, wait! We have one more winner! Keep reading. :)

The lace choker winner is............ another drumroll please................. :) @and_god_created_elvis Congrats love!! I hope you love and enjoy it very much! You will be contacted via Instagram direct message! Xx

Thanks for visitng my blog and joining me in this fun week! Wishes for a fabulous weekend to everyone. See you next week!


Having A Pink Moment * Plus Giveaway Details

Hello loves and hello to a new Friday,

This week I'd like to talk about Pink. It all started with a pair of pink booties I fell in love with. Not sure I am much of a pink person, but I have been feeling great in this color lately. Pink is very feminine, so I combined it with black to give it a bit of an edge yet sophistication.

I love combining structured with flowy pieces. It's a certain playfulness that gives it character and interest. The jacket I am in love with. It's black with gold buttons. It goes with everything!

The following photo shows the dress without the jacket which I love as well. It's a different look, and love, because of the ruffle fitted waist. I love a good dress which accetuates curves. The seam is a bit high waisted and would look great on many body types.

I'm wearing jewelry from my designs. Remember to visit my shop! A good piece of jewelry lasts a lifetime and makes you smile.

Here is a close-up of the booties which are guilty in inspiring this outfit. They are super comfortable, by the way. :)

Last but not least, here are the photos of my giveaway prizes. The first is a bangle bracelet engraved with 7 lucky stars. The oppposite side has the words "La vie est belle" engraved in small as a secret message to remind you that every moment is special. It is a size 7 and is solid 14K gold worth 419.00. 


And my organic, free-style, handmade piece. I made this one inspired by lace. You can wear it as a choker or bracelet. I use mine both ways. Here is a crazy story, I have a trunk full of jewelry and watches that I collected in my childhood and found a POP swatch in there! I removed the band and use it for this pendant. It's the beige with pearls on it. It was a match made in heaven! I wear it often, I'll snap a photo of it sometime to share.

The givaway winners will be announced next week on my blog post. You can always visit my Instagram for more outfit inspirations or jewelry, and some behind the scenes videos. :) 

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a fabulous weekend!


Personalized Denim Jacket From Day To Night

Hello Loves,

This post is about a denim jacket. We all have our favorite one, and this is just an addition to your wardrobe. It's not supposed to replace any other, just a special one to add to your collection that goes with so many outfit looks. Why is this one different? Well, it's personalized. I found a jacket I like, (one size larger because I love the longer and slightly oversized fit), looked for the perfect patches, and created my own original embellished jacket. Not too busy, just perfect for what I envisioned.

This jacket went from day to night easily. During the day I wore it with skinny jeans and a white tee. I had 5 minutes to come home, change, and go to my evening rendezvouz, so I just put on a black lace dress which made me happy and ready to go.

You can see throughout the post some of the patches I used. We all have those special emblems, figures, things we love. It's so easy to do this yourself and the options are endless.

I am wearing statement earrings that I love because they compliment my look so well. I'm loving large earrings, specially vintage at the moment. My mother was a jewelry designer in the 90s and I am so lucky to have some of her pieces that I can wear. It's the original and different pieces that I love. Have fun with it and please, don't be afraid to be different! It's what makes you special.

A close-up of my hairdo, earrings, and some patches to say good-bye for now. I wish everyone a fabulous weekend full of art, design, and fashion along with champagne toasts or tequila shots which are great too ;)




Different Ways to Style A Kimono Jacket

Hello again loves and thank you for visiting my style story,

The first photo is where my look began today. I love a black bodysuit, it is my blank canvas, and I layer up from there.


I purchased this kimono a few weeks ago and I am so happy to wear it. It is the perfect lightweight fabric for Spring/Summer weather and some of you know I love jackets! Here I am wearing it over the black bodysuit and jeans. Very easy outfit that will always look put together. 


The following picture shows how versatile a good kimono jacket can be. Here paired with a lace maxi skirt. I love the look and mood of these pieces put together. This skirt was purchased in one of my favorite beaches, Tulum, love having pieces that bring back good memories.


Different view of the lace and kimono look. In love with it, even though it is a print, it is subtle enough to combine with many pieces.


I truly like romantic looks. This is one of my favorites from today. Wearing a black tulle skirt and a lace top combined perfectly with the jacket. I feel the look is complete and fabulously finished.


Back to basics, wearing it with jeans and layering with lace. I love outerwear, I have been wearing since I can remember. If you are on the lookout for a new kimono or blazer, look for a little length and if it's a print, a subtle one is good so it can be combined with so many options.

Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing a happy weekend to you all!


Conservative Yet Feminine

Hello again and happy Friday,

This week's post is about yesterday's look, I wanted a conservative look, but still wanted to look and feel feminine. I am wearing many of my favorites, navy color, black skirt, embroidery, and florals. This blouse was welcomed into my collection not so long ago. It's a statement piece and I love it. Why? First of all those sleeves, so original, the color, and the pleating, just fits woman's curves so well. 


Embroidery appears again and again. I love it, an intricate detail with a lot of personality. I'm crazy about florals, all-over print, or just a small detail, it's so feminine.

This silhouette worked because of the figure hugging mid section, balancing the flowy sleeves and flared hem. The skirt is a very loved one from a French store that has weight, is fitted from waist to thigh, and just shows the perfect curves of a woman. 


Don't forget to always wear your jewelry! I have always been a big fan of stacking and having those special pieces with you at all times. They bring memories, and just look fabulous. If you are in need of any jewelry, please visit my shop here on my website. Follow the gold sign...

As promised I am going to end my post with a natural product I decided to try. I actually just started using it, but I could tell a difference after trying it once. (a small one, but it's just the beginning) This is about teeth whitening, I am afraid to do anything at the dentist's office, so I decided to try this instead: - Nature's Way Charcoal - capsules; you open one, drop the powder on your toothbrush, and just brush like you normally would. (I should make a video, it's crazy to see yourself with everything inside your mouth black! Someday I will, 😀) After brushing for a minute or so, just rinse and then brush with your regular toothpaste. You will notice a slight difference, and the more you use it, the lighter your teeth will get. I will try to do it daily for a couple of weeks and let you guys know about the results. I bought the capsules at Wholefoods, I'm sure any health store will carry active charcoal. 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Wine glasses cheering and music vibrations for good times ahead, for all my loves, thank you for visitng my blog!


Stripes, Wide-Leg Pants, & Leather Jacket

Hello weekend and a big hello to the lovely people who are following my style story,

Here we are again on a Friday, and another photo of my outfit that I'd like to share. Time does go by quick, but we are yet to feel hot sunny days. Since the weather has been hot/cold lately, even had some rainy days which I love, I feel in a transition state, meaning I get to wear my favorite leather jacket! Underneath I am wearing a black bodysuit which doubles as my bathing suit in case of a sudden pool or jacuzzi party arrises. :) But the jacket was added spontainiously because well, the beautiful weather. 

My new obsession are wide-leg pants, but a very wide flare that changes the whole silhouette. I do wear bell bottoms, but that's a whole different look from what I am talking about now. Wide-leg pants can be cropped, personally I prefer floor length, and for me that means slightly cleaning the floor with them. Any shorter I feel I am ready for a flood. If it is cropped, so be it, that is the look, and I do like it, but long leg is, touching the floor long. 


I am trully loving the pants I wore this day. First of all, they are high waisted, giving a feminine touch to my silhouette. Second, they are blue and white striped. I feel everyone needs something blue and white striped now, be it a dress, skirt, or whatever you want to incorporate to your look. Lastly, they have slits on the sides, very cool detail I must add. 


I complimented my look with my platform/wedge strappy black sandals. I love the contrast of colors, and the whole look is casual yet with style. I am wearing a black rope belt reminding me of summer sailing days. I don't sail, but it reminds me of that. It just feels like the perfect accessory the pants could have. 


Now who doesn't love a good leather jacket. This post was not supposed to be about it, but somehow I like it so much that I am wearing it and talking about it. It is fitted, love it over almost anything, and that soft and hard contrast I get, just makes me happy. I love mixing my fabrics, adding texture, and wearing one simple piece underneath it all. 


Wishing good times and magical moments this weekend to you all!


Let's Talk About Florals

Hello Friday and hello loves!

I wore this 2 piece last week to a lunch date with friends in Newport Beach, California. It was one of those warmer days that inspired me to wear something I think we all need now, florals. I especially love this skirt and top because it's a bit asían, a bit vintage, kind of like a 70s floral print wallpaper, in a simple, yet new way of wearing them. 


I am loving these new pieces because I can wear them together as a dress, or apart. Can't wait to wear this top with jeans. Flowy floral tops are an easy outfit starter, especially loving cropped ones as well. Get dressed inspired by your floral piece, and don't be afraid to mix or add another print.


It's Spring, there can still be chilly winds coming your way. I found my embroidered trench in the car and threw it on. Don't be afraid to combine prints. It worked and I was comfortably warm. 


Fabulous weekend, fun wishes, and adventure dreams,



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Outerwear, embroidery, & florals

Happy Friday Loves!

I decided to add a new blog post every Friday, I'd love for you to visit my blog weekly before the weekend.  You can also message me for any fashion advice! Have an event or night out coming up? As a stylist, giving advice makes me happy, especially when my customers feel great and let me know it! 

As per last blog post, you know I love outerwear, and the satisfaction I feel when my look is complete. I believe a must have piece in your closet is a good trench coat. I love this embroidered floral one because it has a touch of color, embroidery, and personality which many of us love. Another detail to notice is the color, tan is very versatile and great to have this season (it's a classic). I have a plain light tan one, so I went for a fun, intricately embroidered one this time. 

floral coat trench embroidery

Pencil skirts are awesome because they go with everything. Put one on, add a tank, t-shirt, or blouse, and finish off with a cool trench like this and you are done. Don't forget jewelry, that's part of your signature style. If you need new pieces, take a look at my jewelry designs for sale here on :) I am carving new waxes, creating new designs, which will soon be here for sale. Some pieces are one of a kind and get sold before I upload them to the website, but I will try to photograph them ASAP and share with you lovelies. 

The next photo shows the belt tied in the back. I like an open trench that just falls at the sides. I think I am having the belt loops removed, or not, and keep tying them back which does give a curvier shape to it, which is good too!

Happy weekend! Time for relax, wine, and good times!