Stripes, Wide-Leg Pants, & Leather Jacket

Hello weekend and a big hello to the lovely people who are following my style story,

Here we are again on a Friday, and another photo of my outfit that I'd like to share. Time does go by quick, but we are yet to feel hot sunny days. Since the weather has been hot/cold lately, even had some rainy days which I love, I feel in a transition state, meaning I get to wear my favorite leather jacket! Underneath I am wearing a black bodysuit which doubles as my bathing suit in case of a sudden pool or jacuzzi party arrises. :) But the jacket was added spontainiously because well, the beautiful weather. 

My new obsession are wide-leg pants, but a very wide flare that changes the whole silhouette. I do wear bell bottoms, but that's a whole different look from what I am talking about now. Wide-leg pants can be cropped, personally I prefer floor length, and for me that means slightly cleaning the floor with them. Any shorter I feel I am ready for a flood. If it is cropped, so be it, that is the look, and I do like it, but long leg is, touching the floor long. 


I am trully loving the pants I wore this day. First of all, they are high waisted, giving a feminine touch to my silhouette. Second, they are blue and white striped. I feel everyone needs something blue and white striped now, be it a dress, skirt, or whatever you want to incorporate to your look. Lastly, they have slits on the sides, very cool detail I must add. 


I complimented my look with my platform/wedge strappy black sandals. I love the contrast of colors, and the whole look is casual yet with style. I am wearing a black rope belt reminding me of summer sailing days. I don't sail, but it reminds me of that. It just feels like the perfect accessory the pants could have. 


Now who doesn't love a good leather jacket. This post was not supposed to be about it, but somehow I like it so much that I am wearing it and talking about it. It is fitted, love it over almost anything, and that soft and hard contrast I get, just makes me happy. I love mixing my fabrics, adding texture, and wearing one simple piece underneath it all. 


Wishing good times and magical moments this weekend to you all!