Conservative Yet Feminine

Hello again and happy Friday,

This week's post is about yesterday's look, I wanted a conservative look, but still wanted to look and feel feminine. I am wearing many of my favorites, navy color, black skirt, embroidery, and florals. This blouse was welcomed into my collection not so long ago. It's a statement piece and I love it. Why? First of all those sleeves, so original, the color, and the pleating, just fits woman's curves so well. 


Embroidery appears again and again. I love it, an intricate detail with a lot of personality. I'm crazy about florals, all-over print, or just a small detail, it's so feminine.

This silhouette worked because of the figure hugging mid section, balancing the flowy sleeves and flared hem. The skirt is a very loved one from a French store that has weight, is fitted from waist to thigh, and just shows the perfect curves of a woman. 


Don't forget to always wear your jewelry! I have always been a big fan of stacking and having those special pieces with you at all times. They bring memories, and just look fabulous. If you are in need of any jewelry, please visit my shop here on my website. Follow the gold sign...

As promised I am going to end my post with a natural product I decided to try. I actually just started using it, but I could tell a difference after trying it once. (a small one, but it's just the beginning) This is about teeth whitening, I am afraid to do anything at the dentist's office, so I decided to try this instead: - Nature's Way Charcoal - capsules; you open one, drop the powder on your toothbrush, and just brush like you normally would. (I should make a video, it's crazy to see yourself with everything inside your mouth black! Someday I will, πŸ˜€) After brushing for a minute or so, just rinse and then brush with your regular toothpaste. You will notice a slight difference, and the more you use it, the lighter your teeth will get. I will try to do it daily for a couple of weeks and let you guys know about the results. I bought the capsules at Wholefoods, I'm sure any health store will carry active charcoal. 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Wine glasses cheering and music vibrations for good times ahead, for all my loves, thank you for visitng my blog!