Let's Talk About Florals

Hello Friday and hello loves!

I wore this 2 piece last week to a lunch date with friends in Newport Beach, California. It was one of those warmer days that inspired me to wear something I think we all need now, florals. I especially love this skirt and top because it's a bit asían, a bit vintage, kind of like a 70s floral print wallpaper, in a simple, yet new way of wearing them. 


I am loving these new pieces because I can wear them together as a dress, or apart. Can't wait to wear this top with jeans. Flowy floral tops are an easy outfit starter, especially loving cropped ones as well. Get dressed inspired by your floral piece, and don't be afraid to mix or add another print.


It's Spring, there can still be chilly winds coming your way. I found my embroidered trench in the car and threw it on. Don't be afraid to combine prints. It worked and I was comfortably warm. 


Fabulous weekend, fun wishes, and adventure dreams,