Personalized Denim Jacket From Day To Night

Hello Loves,

This post is about a denim jacket. We all have our favorite one, and this is just an addition to your wardrobe. It's not supposed to replace any other, just a special one to add to your collection that goes with so many outfit looks. Why is this one different? Well, it's personalized. I found a jacket I like, (one size larger because I love the longer and slightly oversized fit), looked for the perfect patches, and created my own original embellished jacket. Not too busy, just perfect for what I envisioned.

This jacket went from day to night easily. During the day I wore it with skinny jeans and a white tee. I had 5 minutes to come home, change, and go to my evening rendezvouz, so I just put on a black lace dress which made me happy and ready to go.

You can see throughout the post some of the patches I used. We all have those special emblems, figures, things we love. It's so easy to do this yourself and the options are endless.

I am wearing statement earrings that I love because they compliment my look so well. I'm loving large earrings, specially vintage at the moment. My mother was a jewelry designer in the 90s and I am so lucky to have some of her pieces that I can wear. It's the original and different pieces that I love. Have fun with it and please, don't be afraid to be different! It's what makes you special.

A close-up of my hairdo, earrings, and some patches to say good-bye for now. I wish everyone a fabulous weekend full of art, design, and fashion along with champagne toasts or tequila shots which are great too ;)