Stripes For A Perfect Summer Day

Hello and happy Friday!

I hope you are all enjoying summer. It sure is getting hot over here! I am excited because soon I will go to one of my favorite beach destinations, and have been very relaxed from all the pool days that surround a California lifestyle. 

This was an awesome day which involved my favorite people, fun waves, with a super hot sun. I want to share this look with you guys this week because I am in love with the dress. It is so versatile, simple, yet has an unforgettable design.

It all started here, Balboa Peninsula. Well, actually the fun started on Balboa Island where we took the Ferry, my car included, and arrived at this beautiful, quiet location. So in love with the view. If you haven't visited Orange County, I recommend you do. It has such lovely beaches, restaurants, shopping, you name it! 


This is a wrap dress as you can see, very lightweight fabric, perfect for these summer days. And the stripes, can I say I'm in love with how different this is. There are 3 different fabrics with different widths of stripes sewn together. I can't get enough striped pieces! Also, blue is my fave color, so... win win. :)

And here is the back view. Very flattering waistband that adds to the design. 


We made our way down to the beautiful beach. The waves were crazy, and yes I was prepared with a bikini underneath. I'm loving swimsuits under clothing as part of the outfit, or hidden, in case a dip in the water opportunity arrises. 


These are the sandals I wore with this look. Yes, I am still in love with studded anything, plus it's a contrast of hard and soft with the dress that I love. I feel the dress is flowy, romantic, and flirty, and the sandals have a cool rocker vibe that completes the outfit for me.

The view as we walked down to the beach.

I also am in love with red now, so this door just made me smile. You can also see the dress with the sandals, just realized I was barefoot most of the time. You can also see some sand on my legs which serve as decoration. :) Oh! I'm wearing my jewelry designs, will upload close-ups next week! If you are in need of 18K gold treasures, be sure to check my shop out!

So this is the end of my post this week. I hope everyone has a super lovely and fabulous weekend with much needed good times and relaxation moments.