Having A Pink Moment * Plus Giveaway Details

Hello loves and hello to a new Friday,

This week I'd like to talk about Pink. It all started with a pair of pink booties I fell in love with. Not sure I am much of a pink person, but I have been feeling great in this color lately. Pink is very feminine, so I combined it with black to give it a bit of an edge yet sophistication. 


I love combining structured with flowy pieces. It's a certain playfulness that gives it character and interest. The jacket I am in love with. It's black with gold buttons. It goes with everything!


The following photo shows the dress without the jacket which I love as well. It's a different look, and love, because of the ruffle fitted waist. I love a good dress which accetuates curves. The seam is a bit high waisted and would look great on many body types.  


I'm wearing jewelry from my designs. Remember to visit my shop! A good piece of jewelry lasts a lifetime and makes you smile. 


Here is a close-up of the booties which are guilty in inspiring this outfit. They are super comfortable, by the way. :)


Last but not least, here are the photos of my giveaway prizes. The first is a bangle bracelet engraved with 7 lucky stars. The oppposite side has the words "La vie est belle" engraved in small as a secret message to remind you that every moment is special. It is a size 7 and is solid 14K gold worth 419.00. 


And my organic, free-style, handmade piece. I made this one inspired by lace. You can wear it as a choker or bracelet. I use mine both ways. Here is a crazy story, I have a trunk full of jewelry and watches that I collected in my childhood and found a POP swatch in there! I removed the band and use it for this pendant. It's the beige with pearls on it. It was a match made in heaven! I wear it often, I'll snap a photo of it sometime to share. 


The givaway winners will be announced next week on my blog post. You can always visit my Instagram for more outfit inspirations or jewelry, and some behind the scenes videos. :) 

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a fabulous weekend!