Hello Spring

Dear lovely fashionistas,

Thank you for being here, especially on an important day such as the first day of Spring. Wardrobe editing is crucial for embracing the new season in style. All woolens, furs (faux), and heavy fabrics must be stored or moved to a different closet. I am so thankful for the additional closet I have where I organize and store the off season pieces after being cleaned and folded or packed neatly and appropriately. That said, It is important to throw a few cotton balls dipped in lavender or sachets filled with dry lavender to repell moths. Lavender smells wonderful to us but highly repellent to moths, so it’s a great way to protect your clothes.  You have other options if you prefer.

Organizing your closet by type, length, and color is very helpful and makes getting dressed enjoyable and easy. I will dedicate the next post to this subject and show a few photos of my wardrobe. Yay! It was organized last weekend, so I’m ready for inspiring looks.

As for my recommendations, I am a firm believer in collecting beautiful skirts, well beautiful pieces which bring you joy, and make you feel good. Skirts are awesome because they can be worn casual or sophisticated depending on how you pair them, and are so easy and effortlessly styled to create many looks. Same with dresses, but the skirt is more versatile. You need both by the way, and for a casual look, the sneaker trend gives us miles of enjoyment in comfort. Keep your boots in your closet, they will be great for transitioning with skirts and romantic dresses. Love the juxtaposition of feminine and rugged.

Here some boots and sneakers that I love:

If I went shopping online today, these are the skirts I would order. I would also order all the Gucci ones, but we’ll leave that for another day. :) When I find a skirt I love, I usually don’t think about it and add it to my collection, I am a bit picky, so coming across favorites is not so easy. As for the tie dye trend, I’d say go for it, but if you are like me, there are subtle ways you can wear it on a print that doesn't scream trend! You can view a few I found on the lookbook below, which when you see a skirt you like, click on it, and it will redirect you to the store where you can purchase it. Make sure you look at them all before choosing.

Here are a few dresses too! I like ones you can have in you closet for a long time and wear them again and again. Some can be for all seasons. Some are warm weather only. Take a look! I will post more dresses in a future post. But for this week, I recommend these. I’m excited with white dresses. I’m just bought one and I’m loving it, wore it with black leggings, dr. Martens, and a trench, it was chilly. Click on the ones you like. :)

Last but not least, a client of mine asked if I had any products I’d recommend for glowy skin. Yes! I do have one, and I’m loving it. I believe it lightened a spot I had and leaves my skin soft and glowing. Affordable (22.98) and effective may I confidently say, click through to purchase if you’d like.

Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers, salud, lechaim, à votre santé!