Hello my lovelies!

It makes me smile when you guys contact me and share your concerns or requests, thank you! In this post I will share some of my shoe recommendations. These are a few of my favorite summer shoes from Nordstrom, and they are all on sale, so HELLO great deals! Besides from great prices, they are comfortable, and have great reviews! I like choosing shoes that will look great with many looks, won't bore me quickly, and will join my wardrobe collection for years to come. Take a look and follow the link for more info. 




Flats and Sneakers


You can always e-mail me for any specific questions, I'm always happy to connect with my followers!

I wish everyone a fabulous week full of awesome outfits! 


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Current obsession - Jeans

Hello Lovely People!

How is everyone? I'm happy to connect with you again! It's been a while since I last blogged, sometimes life gets so busy, we must follow our priorities, eventually life brought me back here, destiny shall I call it? So I am here to inspire you as much as I can, hopefully solve your fashion and beauty questions, and increase your confidence and excitement getting dressed, one tip at a time. 

So my current obsession is denim. Let's begin with jeans. So many awesome options out there. I am building my collection with 90s inspired cuts, embellishments, embroidery, rips, and unique details. They are easily styled and can go from day to night instantly. For weekend looks they are an awesome go to piece. Have fun with them, the more unique the better!

Try different options on, it is very different on your body than on the hanger. You might be surprised at how good you look in a super cool pair you weren't sure you'd like. Make sure the fit is comfortable and flattering. I am loving both fitted and loose. Now that brings me to another item I am loving, belts, they can do magic. :)

To see photos of how I styled them, visit and follow me on Instagram:

Oh! Currently in love with this nail polish! I absolutely love the bright hue of love it has. It is a bright red with a tiny hint of orange, but its not orange, trust me, you will love it for now and the coming seasons. Just click on the nail polish below to see the color, and if you want, purchase.

What better way to show off an amazing manicure than awesome jewelry? It will look great with a statement ring, and we are celebrating the month of love, you could show it off with one of these rings. Amour, love in French, and a heart surrounded by 4 diamonds. All 18K gold, available in silver as well. Click on the pictures for details. 

Happy Valentine's Day, happy LOVE month, Xx!


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Outerwear, embroidery, & florals

Happy Friday Loves!

I decided to add a new blog post every Friday, I'd love for you to visit my blog weekly before the weekend.  You can also message me for any fashion advice! Have an event or night out coming up? As a stylist, giving advice makes me happy, especially when my customers feel great and let me know it! 

As per last blog post, you know I love outerwear, and the satisfaction I feel when my look is complete. I believe a must have piece in your closet is a good trench coat. I love this embroidered floral one because it has a touch of color, embroidery, and personality which many of us love. Another detail to notice is the color, tan is very versatile and great to have this season (it's a classic). I have a plain light tan one, so I went for a fun, intricately embroidered one this time. 

floral coat trench embroidery

Pencil skirts are awesome because they go with everything. Put one on, add a tank, t-shirt, or blouse, and finish off with a cool trench like this and you are done. Don't forget jewelry, that's part of your signature style. If you need new pieces, take a look at my jewelry designs for sale here on :) I am carving new waxes, creating new designs, which will soon be here for sale. Some pieces are one of a kind and get sold before I upload them to the website, but I will try to photograph them ASAP and share with you lovelies. 

The next photo shows the belt tied in the back. I like an open trench that just falls at the sides. I think I am having the belt loops removed, or not, and keep tying them back which does give a curvier shape to it, which is good too!

Happy weekend! Time for relax, wine, and good times! 


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Hello first blog post

embroidered jacket lace street style

Hello! Hola! שלום! Salut!

I love languages and speak 3 and a half. Half of French because I forgot most of it the years following my move back from Paris to Mexico City. I will eventually take some classes to refresh my memory, and write in the languages I speak, (this is another passion of mine). It would be fabulous to move to as many countries as I can and leave only when I have learned the language, culture, and cuisine. But for now I will begin my words in English :)

I was waiting to build a story around many photos to transmit my idea of what I believe the style for the moment should be. I can wait for everything to be perfect, or I can just say hello and speak my mind in a spontaneous way. Yes, I think that works better for me because that is my personality. :)

I am excited to share my thoughts about personal style and hopefully inspire as many people as I can with what I was born with. We all have unique qualities, and are special in different ways. We are born with talents that we must share. Like the saying goes, don't die with the music inside. What?! Forget about dying! LOL Let's talk about how good life can be when we look and feel good in our clothes!

Better late than ugly.... This made me laugh. I agree.... I don't like to leave my house until I love what I am wearing.

So it's time for some fashion advice! Based on the photo I am sharing, I totally suggest lace. It can be a lace tank, tshirt (long or short sleeve), dress, or even a bomber jacket! I love lace peeking out somewhere. It's a romantic surprise that's in the detail. My other suggestion this week is..... EMBROIDERY! I love love anything embroidered. The choice is up to you my loves. Let your imagination go wild, now it's all about having fun with it. Whether an embroidered corset, jeans, jacket, choker.... Aaaaaa the pleasure of wearing art, I love it. So that's all lovelies! :) Oh, I am forgetting an important piece that I am usually, almost always wearing.... A jacket, coat, blazer, duster, cardigan, etc. It gives me the pleasure that my outfit is complete. An excuse to add color, detail, texture, or all the above. It makes you look polished, and I love a complete look. 

Thank you for your attention into my world of things that pleasure and satisfy my being and hopefully yours too. A destination of fashion inspiration, unique style, and my designs coming to life in gold and diamonds. I design jewelry too.... ;) Exciting moments when jewelry and fashion collide....  I consider each item of clothing like an art piece to add to my collection. Same with jewelry, pieces of art to adorn oneself, and last forever. :)  

Cheers loves and happy week! Xo