Hello March....

Dear lovely people,

I am on a constant hunt for the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe collection. Yes, it takes a lifetime to assemble and seeking the most striking and notable pieces is an exciting challenge to have. But for those who aren’t thinking about Fashion, following my recommendations can help. It’s a mix of eye-catching designs, and well constructed classics.

My inspiration comes from within or around my collection. You want pieces that can be worn in different ways. When you shop, yes, first there has to be a love for it, but then ask yourself, “Will I be able to incorporate this with other pieces I own?” Every piece has a story, a statement, and purpose that will bring life to other pieces in your closet.

So my suggestions for this week have the sole purpose of adding coolness to your collection. That means getting dressed is that much funner and easier. I’ll help you combine them, if you need help. Please feel free to email me or schedule a consultation for a style makeover, or better yet, a wardrobe editing session. That’s where I like to begin. (OC, California)

First, if you don’t own one, a leather jacket has that Parisian street style vibe. Looks amazing with almost everything and I can comfortably say it will not go out of style and if it does, it always comes back. It’s one of those classics that will make a dress feel cool, jeans with sneakers feel chic, and elegant trousers flattering with a balance of sophistication and style, and everything in between. :)

Here are my picks for leather jackets this week:

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Now that you have an awesome jacket, you need dresses and skirts to pair it with. Keep in mind, these will be great with a black blazer too! Cardigan anyone? Yes, that works too. If you want to have fun, you can add color, texture, ok, I cannot stop visualizing creative options, back to the leather jacket look.

  • FYI - Mixing prints is so fun now. I’ve been doing it for a while, and yes, people thought I was a bit crazy, but…. Now it’s all over the runways, so there is validation I guess, if you need it. It’s about having fun and proportions. I can dedicate a future post on this fun style. In the meantime, if you feel good in it, it looks meant to be. And if you’re my client, be confident! Because if you don’t look good, I don’t look good. Lol! Had to say that, a commercial from centuries ago popped in my head with similar wording. Lol


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Last but not least, I had to add this bag. I am In love with it, grey would look amazing with all the floral dresses and is cooperating with both gold and silver looks, and the black, a classic.

That’s all for now. Wishing everyone good times and stylish outings! Cheers to a fabulous weekend!



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