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Blazers For You


I hope you enjoy these blazers I picked for you. Some I have, own something similar, or in need of. Compliments are plenty when I wear them, and if you want, you to get them too! Seriously, people appreciate a well coordinated look that consists of a blazer. You get a certain professional result, which can be personalized to suit your individuality. I love playing with contrasts, wearing them with jeans and sneakers, over floral dresses, etc. If you need inspiration, please visit my Instagram and follow my story. I’ve been wearing blazers and jackets forever, even during summer if its bearable.


Espero disfruten de los sacos que he escogido para ustedes. Algunos los tengo, algo similar, o necesito. En serio que amo un look que lleva un saco. Tiene un resultado profesional, clásico, que se amolda perfecto a tu personalidad, depende como lo coordines. Amo los contrastes, y un saco clásico con unos jeans, se ve increíble siempre. Igual un vestido o falda con estampado floreado, leopardo, o cualquier otro se puede ver super bien. Todo depende de tu estilo claro, pero no hay que tener miedo a probar nuevos looks. Si necesitan inspiración, síganme en Instagram que yo siempre llevo algún saco o chamarra puesto aunquesea verano, claro si el clima lo permite.

I love to hear from you! Please don’t doubt in contacting me if you need further advice. I am a stylist at heart and work as one when I’m not designing in Orange County and Los Angeles. So if you need help in the fashion department, and want to meet, I’m happy to help. I will be happy to answer messages as well. So, enjoy the selection and hope you find something that will make getting dressed that much more exciting. If you look good, you feel good, right? Yes

Me encanta que me manden mensajes y saber de ustedes. Porfa no la piensen en contactarme, soy estilista de corazón y es mi trabajo cuando no estoy diseñando. Puedo hacer citas en Los Angeles y Orange County. Y bueno, disfruten de la selección de la semana, al final hay varios en color negro que esencial, y los plaid que al momento son el furor y la verdad que nunca pasan de moda. Y….. recuerden, si se ven bien, se van a sentir lo máximo. verdad? Si ;)

Have a fabulous rest of the week,

Love you guys! Thank you for visiting a part of my creative world.



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Current obsession - Jeans

Hello Lovely People!

How is everyone? I'm happy to connect with you again! It's been a while since I last blogged, sometimes life gets so busy, we must follow our priorities, eventually life brought me back here, destiny shall I call it? So I am here to inspire you as much as I can, hopefully solve your fashion and beauty questions, and increase your confidence and excitement getting dressed, one tip at a time. 

So my current obsession is denim. Let's begin with jeans. So many awesome options out there. I am building my collection with 90s inspired cuts, embellishments, embroidery, rips, and unique details. They are easily styled and can go from day to night instantly. For weekend looks they are an awesome go to piece. Have fun with them, the more unique the better!

Try different options on, it is very different on your body than on the hanger. You might be surprised at how good you look in a super cool pair you weren't sure you'd like. Make sure the fit is comfortable and flattering. I am loving both fitted and loose. Now that brings me to another item I am loving, belts, they can do magic. :)

To see photos of how I styled them, visit and follow me on Instagram:

Oh! Currently in love with this nail polish! I absolutely love the bright hue of love it has. It is a bright red with a tiny hint of orange, but its not orange, trust me, you will love it for now and the coming seasons. Just click on the nail polish below to see the color, and if you want, purchase.

What better way to show off an amazing manicure than awesome jewelry? It will look great with a statement ring, and we are celebrating the month of love, you could show it off with one of these rings. Amour, love in French, and a heart surrounded by 4 diamonds. All 18K gold, available in silver as well. Click on the pictures for details. 

Happy Valentine's Day, happy LOVE month, Xx!