Currently wearing LW Dresses, and here are my recommendations.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope summer has treated you with a lot of love and adventurous moments, or relaxing ones if you prefer. ;) So far i’m enjoying, and I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions from my clients and friends, and let’s not forget social media connections, about my summer fashion must haves. If I have to choose one for this month, my go to look is a white dress. Not just any white dress of course, but look no further and enjoy my lookbooks of Leu’s approved LW dresses.

Click the photo of the dress you like, it will send you directly to the shop I found it in. :)

These dresses are awesome, I’ve been wearing them with sandals and have worn them with boots like these. Plus, they are awesome for the Fall/Winter looks I have in mind that will work for you too, these boots have amazing possibilities in the horizon. I actually can’t wait for next season. Don’t be afraid to wear a white dress, black coat, and boots. I have done it and get so many compliments!

Boots under $200.00

Boots $200.00 and over

Under $100.00 dresses

Under $200.00

And gorgeous ones over $250.00

I hope you enjoyed this weeks recommendations. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Happy week everyone!